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Takitakitoa Wetland Development

Takitakitoa Wetland comprises 70 hectares of what is at present a low lying rush covered valley floor in the lower Taieri River downstream of Henley. The Otago Fish and Game Council was offered around 40 hectares of property from the Wilson Estate in the late 1980’s which included some of the surrounding hill slopes and this transaction was finalised in 1993. A subsequent land swap with adjoining owner City Forest Ltd (which was finally completed in 2009) resulted in much of the remaining swamp area being passed into the Councils possession in exchange for the hill slope which has since been planted in forest. The Council now owns 60 ha of the wetland with the remainder held by a Maori Trust. The Council acquired this asset to ensure its preservation in perpetuity but also with a view to restoring its wetland values and developing a handy local hunting opportunity. The primary objective is to restore a presently drained wetland back to its natural state and create open water hunting locations for licenced gamebird hunters. To recreate or restore the wetland values of Takitakitoa including:

� Enhancement and/creation of gamebird loafing, nesting and rearing habitat and by default, improve the habitat for other wetland dependant fauna.

� Improvement to sportsfish and native fish values of the tributary

� Restoration of the natural character of the area including vegetation


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