Canterbury Region


Young Anglers - 'Hooked on Fun'

The first Future Rivers project where the Trust provided funding. A participation based schools model for raising fish and learning skills in freshwater environments. With support from the Future Rivers Trust and a lot of planning from hard working Nth Canty F&G and volunteers, this project has been made a reality. The aim of the 2013 pilot strategy was to develop a working model for nation wide facilitation in 2014 and to drive greater interest and participation of youth in fishing. Once this model is established in angling a similar, progressive skills-based program, will be implemented for young game bird hunters also. The Fish in Schools project aligns perfectly with the Future Rivers philosophy. We believe this project can be the catalyst for change in the ways that education can develop the values of environmental stewardship in our youth. For the latest info check out the Young Anglers page here.

Heavy Gorse infestation restrict access Nth Canty


Frustrating when you can't access a stream because it's overgrown with weeds...

A Nth Canty stream where access is difficult due to a rampant gorse infestation - Another example of the type of work Future Rivers would like to be able to address for the public benefit.

And it's a growing problem in many areas, willows, gorse and broom left unchecked can become a real problem, we need to look after our natural bio diversity

Rakaia Hydra Waters
Another of our iconic streams with issues

In 2005, under the regulations review, the Hydra Waters (an Upper Rakaia tributary) was reopened to trout fishing after having been closed for a number of seasons to reduce the risk of Didymo invasion; However access has now been limited to roughly 3km of the stream. The upper reaches of the stream system are on crown leasehold land and has signage marking it as private property with no access. - Traditionally access had been freely available to the upper section. Over time access to a growing number of recreational areas has been reduced which is a big concern to many. Future Rivers would like to negotiate with the land owners to see if these traditional recreational areas can be reopened for the public benefit..